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Water Treatment and Recycling Policy

The drainage water our washing plant is purified by a chemical based ETP. Water recycling and water reuse has become a fact of life for any industrial enterprise that uses water, but the business of wastewater recycling can be one of the most expensive aspects of trying to run a company. That's why the smart money is being spent on the outsourcing of water recycling systems to professional service companies. There are top-notch water recycling, purifying, and filtration system providers that are available for consultations - or to design and build entire water treatment systems according to specific customer needs, industry regulations, and unique logistical challenges.

Power System

REB power supply for electricity. Gas generator by Caterpiller. Backup Diesel generator. Solar electricity generation of 180 KW to contribute to the power supply. Steam Boiler by Burnham run by gas. Incineration generator by

Laboratory / Product Testing

We are using all the renowned companies like ITS, BV, SGS etc for the lab test of all our fabric, trims and garments. Our washing plant has anin- house lab for the testing the garments after wash.

Social Awareness and Activities

Run a school for the poor people in Mirpur. Also run an Orphanage in Ashulia. Contribute regularly to two orphanages in Gazipur. Have established few mosques in Patuakhali. Active participant in the settlement and infrastructure development for the Rohingya camps in Ukhia.

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