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The company was formed in 1984 by Dr. Athar Uddin two of his friends in Tejgaon. The name of the company was BS Industries. It started with 65 machines, with a manpower of 200 people, and the first export was to the United States in the same year. Dr. Athar then bought another factory Fashions Ltd, also on partnership with another friend. Later in the year 1987, he bought his first individual ownership factory Sharaka Ind., and the company has grown exponentially so far.

Mission &Vision

To manufacture unmatched quality products through integration of world class technology and the most skilled workforce of apparel industry in Bangladesh while being always committed to green, sustainability and social responsibility. To set standard and be the first choice globally in apparel industry from Bangladesh. Continue to grow in a sustainable manner and always embrace latest technologies and innovations without ever compromising on quality. Our motive is to produce in an efficient way maintaining all the compliance aspects of social, technical and safety issues.

Meet The Board

Dr. Mohd Athar Uddin

Chairman | Azmat Group

Azmat Rahman

Managing Director | Azmat Group

Aliya Shafquat

Director | Azmat Group

Mrs. Amatur Rahim

Director | Azmat Group

Message from the Chairman

We have started our journey back in 1984 by establishing garment industries. Today Azmat Group is one of the largest garment industries in Bangladesh. By now we have gathered various types of experiences in garment sector and from the manufacturing of garments in different age group from kids wear to Women's and Men's wear and now the AzmatGroup is one of the leading apparel manufacturer of the country having its in-house washing, dyeing, Embroidery and other accessories manufacturing industries like drawstring, twill tape, elastic etc. At the moment we are doing work with many European and American buyers like Carters, Oshkosh, Primark, Puma, Chaps, Aeropostale, Guess, Wrangler.
We are specialized in kids wear from new born baby to 18 years of age group. we believe that maintenance of quality and time factor is the major issues in garment business but in kids wear we must have to take care of the safety issues also like the broken needle in the garment etc. This issue is being taken in the first priority and is being well maintained by our factories. We have already increased our facility with a very new factory which has been applied for LEED certificate (gold level) and hopefully in a very short time we will achieve that certificate. our all facilities are already approved by the alliance also. Our washing facility in also very good with all modern machines from abroad and capable of doing all types of dry process, wet process, dyeing etc.
Besides woven garment we are producing knit item also buying the very fancy fabric from china and can add embroidery appliqu├ęs and other fancy printings etc.
Our employees are most important assets to the success of our business. Integrity, teamwork, accountability are the core values. Strong commitment to our customers and timely delivery have contributed to the success of our growth.
We will continue to focus on expanding our business in order to create more jobs to eliminate poverty from our country.
I wish all the very best success of the Group in the coming days.
Thank you

Message from the Managing Director

The world is progressing at a very high pace, as the technology is develops. Our living standards, the way of life, the education system, the transportation, the finance everything is becoming technology based. The garment industry in Bangladesh is no different.
The evolution of the Garment industry in Bangladesh has been from a mere household type factories to the most modern state of the art factories, many of which are LEED certified, over the 35 years. The history of Azmat Group is exactly the same.
Our Chairman started the journey with only 65 basic machines in a small single story building. His dedication and hard work has given his success and he started increasing the number of factories to fulfill the demand of his buyers. Today the group of factories he has built consists of the most modern lines and equipment for garment manufacturing. Our factories are all approved by Alliance which are followed up by Accord as well, which gives us the opportunity to work with Buyers of both continents.
We are also very concerned about the sustainability of our environment, which we are reflecting in our investment on our LEED Gold certified factory. We are trying to do our part by investing in energy efficiency and conservation of natural resources. About 10% of our electricity consumption comes from solar panels installed in the roof tops of our buildings. All the machines and lightings are energy efficient consuming the lowest amount of electricity. Rain water harvesting and the use of Incineration boiler are among the other means of conservation of natural resources in our factories.
Thank you

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